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posted: 4/9/2013 4:40 AM

Had our fill of red-herring debate

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Had our fill of red-herring debate

Today's political discourse seems to be particularly maddening, and now I know why. The current administration feeds us a bottomless buffet of red-herring. You know, that delectable dish of distraction. It seems to be impossible to get anyone to answer a question on subject.

For example, what is the most important thing to every American? I dare say jobs. If everybody had one so many other problems would become moot. Yet when we ask the question about jobs and the economy we get the rich don't pay their fair share. When we ask about jobs we get women's' rights. When we ask about jobs we get preschool reform. When we ask about jobs we get gun control. When we ask about jobs we get sequestration. At every turn, the response to the jobs question is to divert our attention away from the core issue.

The red-herring is a cheap, age-old debate trick used like a magician uses his sleight of hand, to distract us from the core issue. I think we're tired of red-herring, how about a nice breaded tilapia.

Mike Simon

Glen Ellyn

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