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updated: 3/29/2013 8:19 AM

Spellman's Scorecard: Time for Urlacher to end it right

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  • Linebacker Brian Urlacher might want to think about retiring so he can close his career the way he started it -- as a Chicago Bear.

    Linebacker Brian Urlacher might want to think about retiring so he can close his career the way he started it -- as a Chicago Bear.
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C'mon Brian, just retire.

Announce it before a full house at Halas Hall.

Tell everyone you promised you wouldn't get emotional, but then break down a little. Thank the fans, the organization and your teammates.

You'll get two days of glowing tributes in every newspaper and on every TV and radio station in town.

Most important, you'll end your stellar career exactly how it should end … as a Chicago Bear.

A rare misstep?:

I know he's coming off an injury and all, but how the heck do the Bears not re-sign Lance Louis??

The guy was a stud.

That's just great:

Now LeBron is mad at the Bulls.

That may not bode well down the road.


And I know this is sophomoric, but which NBA player could take LeBron in a fight?

I can't think of many.

It's not going to stop:

Back when young stars like Rula Lenska and Dan Haggerty were lighting up our TV screens, we didn't have to worry about in-game interviews during sporting events.

There were no managers in the dugouts who didn't want to talk, no basketball coaches who just wanted to get to the locker room at halftime (ditto NFL coaches), and no NHL coaches wondering how the heck Pierre McGuire finagled his way onto the bench to ask them questions.

Nope, it was a simpler -- and better -- time.

Thanks a lot, Vince:

I was talking with a friend who shares my disdain for inane, in-game interviews and he blamed the XFL.

You know what? I think he's right.

Simply can't get enough:

Verne Lundquist.

The guy's a gem.

Trading places:

Imagine if there was another Chicago athlete rehabbing from the exact same knee injury in the exact same manner over the exact same time period that Derrick Rose is right now.

Imagine if it was Jay Cutler.

Imagine the uproar.

Good will is an amazing thing.

Pain in the back:

Am I the only one suddenly thinking about back pain all the time even though I don't have any?

Man, I really gotta stop listening to so much radio. Or at least flip it over to "The Drive" more often.

Easy in, easy out:

The perfect tonic for a sold-out home opener on a 37-degree day at the Cell?

Chris Sale.

Way to go Joe!

Daily Herald handicapper Joe Kristufek always has been a big-time talent. It's nice to see that others -- especially on a national level -- are starting to realize that as well.

Joe will be a part of NBC's "Road to the Kentucky Derby" broadcasts the next three weekends, beginning Saturday with the Florida Derby.

That's the ticket:

I don't know about you but whenever I find myself in too good a mood, I like to head out onto one of our local highways and catch up with the latest traffic fatality totals.

Works every time.

Fun with words:

I know the Cubs are moving to a bigger and better facility, but I'm going to miss hearing people say Ho Ho Kam Park.


End of the beat:

Sad to hear that former "Nightbeat" anchor Marty McNeeley died Sunday in Middletown, New Jersey, at 86.

Good times:

Thanks to all the DH subscribers and the folks at Cantigny for an awesome time earlier in the week.

What a crowd, and what a facility. Wow.


What do Peeps do the other 364 days of the year?

And finally:

Happy Easter.

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