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posted: 3/27/2013 5:00 AM

Where is the outrage over Senate 'budget?'

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Federal law requires that the U.S. Senate pass a budget every year. Yet as our national debt exceeds $16.5 trillion -- or $50,000 for every man, woman and child -- the Democrat-controlled Senate had not passed a budget for four years. That is criminal gross negligence.

Finally, the Senate just passed a ridiculous budget that never balances and adds $1 trillion of even more taxes on top of the new $600 billion tax increase just passed plus the never-ending new taxes that we are discovering under Obamacare. Instead of attacking massive waste like spending billions of our dollars on idiotic programs like "shrimp on a tread mill" or "robo squirrels," the Democrats just want to keep on spending as we borrow 40 percent of every dollar we spend.

Where is the outrage?

According to Gallup, Americans believe that the U.S. government wastes 51 percent of every tax dollar that they take from us. Even Democrats polled believe that the government wastes 49 percent of every tax dollar. Why on earth would anybody agree to more taxes on anybody if we all feel this way?

If the news media simply did their job and informed the public with the facts, our corrupt politicians might just be pressured to act responsibly. But given the total failure of the news media to do its job as it conspires with liberals to hide the truth, most voters simply don't understand the massive waste in our government as they confiscate 23 percent of our nation's entire GDP in taxes.

No wonder a majority of Americans don't trust the media or the government.

Randy Rossi


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