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posted: 3/16/2013 5:00 AM

Chicago-style tactics bad for Avon

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Shouldn't candidates feel confident enough in their own abilities that they would find it unnecessary to find a way to knock their opponents off the ballot?

Soon after petitions were submitted, Lisa Rusch, candidate for Avon Township supervisor, had her campaign manager question the validity of the petitions of several candidates not on her slate. After hearing arguments, an independent electoral board upheld all petitions.

Next, FOIA requests were made for all emails relating to the candidates running who presently held elected offices, and information about their families was requested, as well. Unfortunately, her intimidation worked, as an excellent candidate withdrew.

Now Rusch has questioned the residency of her last opponent, Douglas Raul Williams, Avon Township trustee. Williams has been an upstanding resident of Hainesville since 2003. Williams was elected and has served as an exemplary member of the Round Lake District 116 school board.

Rusch brought this charge against Williams at a special meeting of the Avon Township board of trustees. She was able to do this because she voted to break a tie and appoint herself temporary supervisor to fill the vacancy Sam Yingling left when he was elected to the Illinois legislature.

The question of residency is not under the purview of the township board. The only reason his residency was questioned was to try to besmirch the reputation of her opponent. Lisa Rusch, don't you feel your credentials are strong enough to stand on their own? Must you use these despicable tactics to win? It's too bad that Chicago style politics have come to Avon Township.

Georgeann Duberstein


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