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I took this photo at the geodesic dome of the Missouri Botanic Garden in St. Louis. Tropical plants and butterfly exhibits fill the domes space. These orchids look like creatures from outer space.

Milton Hoskins of Hampshire

We were at a picnic in Dundee last summer and my granddaughter Mia was blowing bubbles for her friend Penny.

Don Smith of Hampshire

Koi fish appear from nowhere and encircle a swan in 2006 at a hotel in Oahu, Hawaii.

Ron LeSaar of Palatine

The colors stood out against the snow after the big snowfall. Taken in Plano Illinois.

Walter Lesus of Sandwich

I took this picture on Highway 1 off the coast of California when I was on vacation.

Brian O'Gorman of Glen Ellyn

This was taken at Cantigny Park. The occasion was simply, 'A walk in the snow.'

Tony Lyons of Wheaton

My wife and I were hiking through the woods in Hoffman Estates this month. This deer came out of the woods to within 10 feet of us and started eating some grass for about 2 minutes before running off.

Charles Mark of Elgin

A silhouette of a cat looking outside at the butterfly bush as birds flew outside early one morning. Smaller wrens and finches like to perch on the woodier parts of the butterfly bush.

Susie Lee of Wheeling

One-month-old Emilia spends her first Valentine's Day sleeping at home in Lake Villa.

Dawn Mazzuca of Ingleside

Pogo tolerates a frog sitting on his head during the summer of 2009.

Dave Ring of Antioch

A moose stops on the road on Gun Flint Trail in Grand Marais, Minnesota.

Tracy R. Sefcik of Wheeling

A humpback whale breaches the water on February 7th in the Sea of Cortez, off the coast of Cabo San Lucas.

Jeanette Potter of Lake Zurich

Gallery posted: 3/15/2013 12:42 AM

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