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posted: 3/8/2013 4:40 AM

Doesn't president approve the budget?

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Doesn't president approve the budget?

In a Feb. 12 letter, Jay Mitchell likens Congress "to that of a firm's board of directors. They knowingly require the CEO to spend more money than they have, or can possibly make in the coming year. Then, they refuse to allow the CEO to borrow money to cover the difference, while still requiring that the appropriated funds be spent."

Congress puts together that budget, but the president (CEO) approves it. Sure, a Congressional veto can override his vote, but how often does that happen? Wait a minute, do we even have a budget? When was the last time we did have one?

In industry, CEOs are not picked by the proletariat. That doesn't mean that CEOs are always the cream of the crop; far from it. But why is it that, when it comes to politics, the lowest common denominator has an equal shot at getting elected? Politics is a strange animal, and all too often, the worst possible reasons are utilized to put a candidate in office. Don't think so? Check Congress' approval rating sometime.

John Babush

Big Rock

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