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posted: 3/3/2013 5:00 AM

Start reducing population growth

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I really liked the Guest View article titled, "Crowding our Earth's other inhabitants." I agree with the writer, there is not enough focus on the real problem where the pollution comes from: population growth.

How about we get serious in the United States on that front, before our population hits 450 million in the year 2050? Let's take these steps this year:

1) Let's round up the 11 million illegal aliens in the Unites States and send them back to the country they came from.

2) Instead of cutting the military, activate 20 new 10,000-man brigades of motorized infantry for border duty only. The activations will create 200,000 new "green" jobs for our youth. It would do three-year enlistments with a GI bill benefit upon leaving the service. The brigades will not have heavy equipment, just trucks and small arms for patrolling the border with Mexico and the ports. The troops will live in Forward Operating Bases like we had in Iraq. Simple and mobile.

3) Let's insist Congress pass a law that restricts immigration to the United States to 10,000 people a year. All new immigrants accepted must prove fluency in English, be healthy and have a sponsor who will provide them a job and insurance. The sponsor will be held accountable if the immigrant breaks the law here.

4) Ban refugees from coming into the United States.

5) Stop giving out welfare in the form of money. No more food stamps and EBT cards. Set up food distribution centers, and give out food only. This will reduce the number of "baby-mamas" and force many who can work, but prefer welfare, to take a job if they want more than three meals a day.

Guaranteed population reductions will result from these measures.

Harold Knudsen

Arlington Heights

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