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Article posted: 3/2/2013 4:40 AM

Is this type of leadership we need?

Is this type of leadership we need?

Does anyone else find it strange that President Obama is singing doom and gloom about $85 billion dollars in budget cuts but he seems to have little angst over the total annual deficit of over a trillion dollars and even less concern of the total debt of over $16 trillion? You see it is those bad Republicans who are going to starve you, make you now wait in airports for hours and not inspect your food -- so he says.

Is this really the kind of leadership we need? The sky is falling and it is always the other guy who is the problem. Why is the media not asking him where his compromise is on the budget after the Republicans agreed to higher taxes for wealthier Americans? Where are his ideas on entitlement reform that he promises but never brings forth? Why has his Democratically controlled Senate not brought to a vote one budget reform bill that the Republican U.S. House of Representatives has passed?

The answer is because he believes you are not paying attention to the details of what is actually going on like "sequestration" ($85 billion in mandatory cuts) was his idea in 2011 and now he blames the Republicans for having to do it.

We have the same problem in Illinois that we have in Washington, D.C. -- Democrats running the government with huge budget deficits, no plan to solve it, no initiative to take it on and a populace who keeps voting them in to do worse. Congratulations, good job.

Don Eliasek


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