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Article posted: 2/28/2013 4:40 AM

GOP taking nation to brink yet again

GOP taking nation to brink yet again

The U.S. is again being faced with the possibility of disasters to our economy because of radical Republican obstinance. They could not work out a compromise with the Democrats so they simply agreed to push the decision making process to a later point. The idea being that the cuts that would happen would be so horrific that no politician would let them happen.

But just like the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling and other fiscal issues, the Republicans are again taking the country to the brink. The House, where spending bills are supposed to originate couldn't come up with a solution so they told the Senate to come up with a solution. The Senate has given the House a solution. So what does the Republican-led House do, they adjourn. Something about Nero fiddling while Rome is burning comes to mind.

At this point, it appears that the Republicans have become so ideologically radicalized that they are again willing to let the country go off an economic cliff rather than work to solve the problem. I guess the last election didn't drive the message to the Republican party enough. It's time to get rid of this Tea Party charade and get the country back on track.

If the Republicans throw the country off the cliff they should all be thrown out of office for good.

Walter E. O'Brien


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