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posted: 2/20/2013 4:40 AM

Don't send us to the cornfield, Barack

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Don't send us to the cornfield, Barack

There's a famous Twilight Zone episode in which a spoiled 8-year-old with supernatural powers is allowed to do anything he desires. Should anyone attempt to guide Anthony away from his destructive behavior, he turns them into scarecrows and sends them to the cornfield.

Of course, Anthony's "friends" are frustrated because no matter how cruel or destructive he may be, everyone around him has to smile and affirm him by saying, "That's a good thing you done, Anthony." In time, some can't take it anymore: They speak the truth and end up in the cornfield.

So, Mr. Obama you are drastically cutting our military and sending high tech arms to our enemies. That's a good thing you done. We have a crippling $16.5 trillion debt that will soon bankrupt us and you have called for more big government spending and taxes. That's also a good thing you done, especially with so many people unemployed. You ignored the Benghazi attack and then lied about the whole incident. That's a really good thing you done. You allowed the delivery of high powered guns to Mexican cartels and now you want to take guns away from law abiding U.S. citizens. That is really a super idea, Barack. You want our border to be wide open and even threaten to prosecute state border patrol agents for attempting to keep out illegals. A very, very good thing! You make unilateral decisions and bypass the Congress with appointments or about anything else you want to do. What a good president you are, Barack. And you are so right to want same sex marriage. That's another good thing you done, Mr. President.

These are all really good things you done, Mr. President. Please don't send me to the cornfield.

Terry Schwartz


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