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posted: 2/16/2013 5:00 AM

News media focusing on wrong things

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What is wrong with the media today? For the past month the media has inundated the American people with stories about Manti Te'o and his fabricated girlfriend. The press has been writing about a person who doesn't even exist. This is a nonstory, folks. Who cares? Let him go on with his life. He'll be drafted by an NFL team, make millions, retire and watch as his brain disintegrates into a bowl of Jell-O.

Meanwhile, our vigilant press hardly acknowledges that the Benghazi tragedy ever happened. Four American diplomats die, and the American press doesn't care about getting to the bottom of it. Hillary Clinton gets accolades from senators allegedly investigating why our celebrated secretary of state cost Americans their lives. She failed to read any memos regarding security for Americans in one of the hottest hot spots in the world. She states that she "takes responsibility" for this fiasco. She should have been fired immediately.

Most liberal stations hardly mentioned the hearings, but instead they devoted a month to a story about a nonperson! Stories based in reality get no attention, but stories delving in fantasy and fiction get never-ending exposure. It's time to stop calling it "freedom of the press" and start calling it the "American propaganda machine."

Tony Novak

Arlington Heights

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