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updated: 2/22/2013 6:26 PM

Bill Huley: Candidate Profile

Palatine Township Board (4-year Terms) (Republican)

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  • Bill Huley, running for Palatine Township Board (4-year Terms)

    Bill Huley, running for Palatine Township Board (4-year Terms)




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City: Palatine


Office sought: Palatine Township Board (4-year Terms)

Age: 82

Family: Palatine Township resident and homeowner for past 51 years. Widowed since 2010, Wife's name: Helen, married 55 years, no children.

Occupation: Retired United Airlines middle management executive in headquarters Flight Operations. Self-employed Aviation Air Safety Investigation consultant. Military Veteran, U.S. Air Force, Korean War, 1951-1955.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering, University of Illinois, Champaign, 1959. Graduate study in Business Administration, Northwestern University. Licensed pilot

Civic involvement: Junior Achievement Counselor, Chicago Chapter, 1978-1980. Volunteer Vice Chairman of Facilities & Property, Clearbrook Center for physically/mentally disabled individuals, 1988-1991. Volunteer Field Operations Manager, Plum Grove Estates Sanitary District, 1987-1998. Plum Grove Estates Property Owners Association Director, 1992-1998. Palatine Township Senior Center volunteer, 2001-2004. President and Publisher, NORTHWEST TAX WATCH, 1988-2008. Palatine Republican Election Judge, 1987-2009. Palatine Township Republican Area Precinct Captain, 1989-2007. Voter Registrar, 2001-present. Member, Township Officials of Illinois, 2005-present. Member, Township Officials of Cook County, 2005-present.

Elected offices held: Palatine Rural Fire Protection District Trustee, 1994-1997. Palatine Township Trustee, April 2005-Present. Committee Chairman of the Township's Finance & Administration Department for past 8 years. Also member on Human Needs & Policy Committees.

Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain: NO

Candidate's Key Issues

Key Issue 1

DOING THINGS BETTER FOR PALATINE TOWNSHIP by spending taxpayers money more efficiently and responsibly. Having headed NORTHWEST TAX WATCH--a public tax watchdog organization for 20 years--has uniquely enabled me to help bring conservative and more efficient spending to Township government, which I hope to continue, if elected.

Key Issue 2

DEVELOP A STRATEGIC PLAN AND INVOLVE PUBLIC INPUT. The new board must have a vision for the future and a plan for how to get there, two things that do not currently exist. We will collect your input through public events, direct conversations, polling, and other means. With this information, we will develop and publicize a plan that will show how your money will be spent and what we will accomplish as your Township representatives. This will make us more accountable to you and will give you a clearer picture of what the Township does with your tax dollars.

Key Issue 3

ENSURE ALL TAXPAYERS ARE BENEFITING FROM TOWNSHIP SERVICES. We must do a better job with the services that we offer. We need to broaden those services, where possible, to include more people rather than narrowing the services and providing higher expense benefits to only a few. Unfortunately, the constant refrain recently has been "but we've always done it this way!" The DOING THINGS BETTER SLATE of candidates will never use that excuse to avoid making progress. Our SLATE of qualified & experienced candidates will promote commonsense reforms and innovations in order to be more efficient, transparent, and accountable to the people we serve.

Questions & Answers

Name the three most important goals or objectives this board should tackle in the coming term. Prioritize them, and briefly discuss why you believe each to be critical, and how the board should go about addressing them.

SEE THE ABOVE CANDIDATE SLATE'S THREE KEY CAMPAIGN ISSUES. On a personal note, and one shared by my fellow slate candidates, I offer the following goal: PROMOTE & SUBSCRIBE TO TERM LIMITS FOR ALL TOWNSHIP ELECTED OFFICIALS. If elected, I--Bill Huley--pledge this will be my last term. I bring stability to the board now, but the new trustees will be fully up to speed by the end of my term.

In the 21st Century, with municipalities gobbling up vacant land, why are townships needed? Should they be serving a new role? If so, what?

Government closest to the people it serves is the government most accountable to them. For more than 150 years, Township Government in Illinois has served the local interests of its constituents and remains directly accountable to the voters who select their representatives in local government. The people who serve in Township Government are men and women who embody the practice of citizen government. They work in local factories, offices, retail outlets, on farms and in the home. Because they govern at the most basic level of service, they make themselves available to the people they serve. More than any other government in North America, Township Government is operated by THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR...PEOPLE SERVING PEOPLE.

What should be the primary responsibility of township government?

To ethically serve its constituents with honor, humility, and trust while being accountable and frugal with the taxpayer's money. To provide the best possible services for all its citizenry with efficiency and consistent with public expectations.

In these hard economic times, can you identify some township expenses/programs that could be trimmed or eliminated to reduce the tax burden?

We must look at our current services to insure they are sustainable, especially the senior bus service program where we need to reduce the average cost per ride by either increasing ridership or reducing expenses or else fares will go up for riders.

What specific background or experience do you bring that makes you the best qualified candidate to serve as an elected official in the township?

As an incumbent trustee official I bring a uniquely wide variety of communitarian experience plus eleven years as an elected official having served in two different units of local government. Also, with my level of formal education, and my experience/knowledge gained from a highly responsible level job in the private sector and from 4 years military service; all overall best qualifies me as a premier candidate to further serve Palatine Township government and its residents. I chose to run on this Republican SLATE of candidates because of how qualified and passionate each of the individuals are for wanting to do the best possible job for those they would serve.