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Two female nilgais stand under a group of trees at Manvar Resort in Thar Desert near Jodhpur, India last month.

Raj Patel of Hoffman Estates

I took this photo after the rain had changed to snow and painted the most beautiful landscape on February 8th. It was taken at Timber Ridge Forest Preserve off Prince Crossing Road in West Chicago. These are White Pines. They are not native to this area but I am glad we have these few. Once in a while I take a shot that just draws me in.

Ray Vegter of Carol Stream

The Old Mill in downtown Antioch last month.

Kasia Elser of Antioch

Yes this has been photoshopped. The rain is the only thing that's artificial. The House was shot in HDR, I masked out the original sky and layered in the lightning from a storm I shot from August, 2011. I found this to be rather an intriguing photo. It was a fun project, just something I wanted to do.

David Neesley of Naperville

The delicate beauty of the ice crystals combined with the morning sun shine through the leaf one morning in Island Lake on November 2, 2010.

Lori Buttelmann of Island Lake

This is a late 50s or early 60s German manufactured SABA 300 Automatic radio. These radio's had a wonderful tone and with the long antenna, you could listen to radio stations from long distances away. Compared to the iPods of today with great sound, the SABA used vacuum tubes and weighed over 30 pounds.

Curt Sriver of Libertyville

A spectator watches as pro cyclists fly by during the Tour of Elk Grove at the corner of Weathersfield Way and Cedarcrest Drive in Schaumburg in 2008. Riders reached speeds close to 30 miles an hour.

Richard Bolesta of Schaumburg

Several horses enjoy the fresh snow and winter sun in Barrington Hills last week.

Pamela Land of Barrington Hills

This rusted out shell of a car is along US 20 just east of Galena.

Tom NicolE of Geneva

A beautiful terra cotta sculpture of a woman guards a brightly painted courtyard in Cagliari, Sardinia off the western coast of Italy on a recent cruise.

Jean K. Brown of Elgin

My wife Audrey spotted this handsome fellow curled up sleeping in our yard Saturday afternoon. I grabbed my camera and got this shot while he was awake for a brief moment.

Don Stephens of Batavia

I was lucky enough to capture an altercation between two American Tree Sparrows yesterday in my Naperville back yard.

Dori Eldridge of Naperville

Gallery posted: 2/15/2013 12:27 AM

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