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Article posted: 2/8/2013 1:00 AM

Pondering Super Bowl music, from Beyonce to the Boss

By Mike Spellman

Some Super Bowl leftovers:

Is it time to retire "We are the Champions" yet?

Or, is it too sacred a song to mess with after all this time?

My view? It's time.

Having said that, I'm frightened by what its replacement might be.

I need to get a life.

One thing's for sure:

Whoever comes up with a new celebratory anthem is gonna be a gazillionaire.

While we're at it:

Speaking of Super Bowl music, it's amazing how those kids who come out for the halftime show never age and appear to love every artist equally -- from Beyonce to the Boss.

Impressive, but honestly, do we need them out there flailing away to somehow justify that we're watching a good concert?

One more question:

Where exactly do they go after the show is over?


The other day someone asked me just how excited fans should be about the playoff prospects for the Bulls and Blackhawks?

After thinking it over, and on a scale of 1 to 10, I have to say I'm at 7.2 for the Bulls and 8.9 for the Hawks.

But keep in mind, every reputable scientist out there would find the above data utterly useless.

What would Eddie do?

All the "Storm Watch!" stuff on the local news Thursday is gonna make us look really lame when we see what's hitting the East Coast this weekend.

Running its course:

Why did "It's only funny till someone twists an ankle!" pop into my head while watching the caddie races over the weekend at the Phoenix Open?

That whole crazy atmosphere there blows my mind. I'm more traditionalist than not when it comes to golf, yet I still like those shenanigans.

Plus, I like saying the word shenanigans.


How would that stuff play at Augusta National?


It wouldn't.

The prediction:

I'm convinced Brandt Snedeker will win a major this year.

It's so simple:

Carlos Boozer replaces the injured Joakim Noah on the Eastern Conference all-star roster.

Both still go.

No fuss, no muss.

Everyone walks away happy. Noah with a limp, of course.

I need less cowbell:

Yeah Walgreens, I'm talking to you.

But I need more ...:

"Six callers ahead of us, Jimmy!"

Can't get enough of that grandma on the phone.

Broadcast bits:

Don't know why I find this so interesting, but I do.

Time Out Chicago reports that Len Kasper will be spending some of his time at spring training over in the radio booth filling in for Pat Hughes, who's being allowed to cut back on his spring training workload.

Wonder what that's all about?


Arlington Park track analyst Jessica Pacheco not returning for 2013?

Bet the house:

How about these numbers from RJ Bell of pregame.com:

Las Vegas has won money on the Super Bowl 21 of the last 23 years, which, according to my calculations, means that bettors have won money on the Super Bowl only 2 of the last 23 years.


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