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posted: 2/5/2013 4:40 AM

Deadly result of disarming a people

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Deadly result of disarming a people

Before you consider the next piece of anti-gun legislation, I'd like you to consider the following: Thirty-five million uniformed soldiers died in the 20th century fighting in various wars. More soldiers died in the last century in war, than in all other centuries combined.

That seems pretty incredible until you realize that in the same century it is conservatively estimated, by Professor R.J. Rummel, University of Hawaii, that over 150 million civilians were murdered by their own governments. That would include tens of millions murdered by Communist Joseph Stalin; perhaps over 100 million murdered by Communist Mao Tse Tung; 6 million Jews and 7 million others murdered by Socialist Adolf Hitler, NAZI is a German acronym which means National Socialist; and half the country of Cambodia murdered (3 million) by Pol Pot in the 1970s.

In every one of these genocides the civilian population had been previously disarmed.

Approximately 30,000 gun deaths occur yearly in the United States. At that rate, it would take 5,000 years to equal the number of genocide deaths in the 20th century versus yearly gun deaths in the U.S. Even 100 years of gun deaths in the U.S. "only" comes to 3 million. And many of those are justifiable homicide, police shootings and suicides.

Being a gambling man, I'll take the long-shot of being shot by some nutcase on a rampage versus the much higher probability of dying disarmed in a genocide.

Furthermore, in a genocide, what makes you think you would not be among those murdered?

So far, the Sandy Hook tragedy has not produced the intended effect as the model did in Scotland. Therefore, I predict another worse one to occur sometime during Obama's second term.

George Nicholas

St. Charles

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