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Article posted: 1/30/2013 5:34 AM

Final '30 Rock' showcases its unsung music man

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Tina Fey, left, and her husband Jeff Richmond at the "30 Rock" farewell wrap party in New York. Richmond is executive producer and the composer and arranger for the show.

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"When stuff is coming to an end, people freak out and they act crazy," says Liz Lemon. Liz and all the characters of "30 Rock" are doing just that on the series finale (airing at 7 p.m. Thursday on NBC) as they produce one last installment of their show-within-that-show, "TGS," while anticipating life apart from one another. But Jeff Richmond wasn't freaking out, not even with the end (and a tight deadline) breathing down his neck: Just last Friday he was in a studio in midtown Manhattan, closeted with an eight-piece string ensemble, his baton raised, recording interludes of background music for that final episode.
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