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Article posted: 1/29/2013 5:30 AM

This won't be a fun week for NFL's Roger Goodell


So we are finding out NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not very popular with the fans or the players.

Not really that much of a surprise, is it?

He likes to use the "my way or the highway approach" and sometimes comes across as a guy drunk with power.

In a poll of more than 300 current NFL players, 61 percent say they disapprove of the way he goes about his daily duties. But realistically in most workplaces, the boss more often than not will have higher negative numbers than positive.

Look, when you become a commissioner of any league, you know you won't be the most popular guy on the block. I believe when fans boo MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, or NBA Commissioner David Stern, they are just doing it because of the status of their positions, not because of their actual work.

While I believe Stern and Selig are respected by the fan base they serve, I don't get that impression with Goodell.

Since he has been commissioner, it seems his goal has been to handle any crisis or controversy with the grace of fingernails on a chalkboard. From spygate to bountygate, to the replacement refs and the concussion issue, he comes across as a dictator and a bully.

I think he wants to be liked and be considered as a sensitive soul.

This week New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton made an appeal to the hometown fans to ease up on Goodell.

That's not an easy task, as it will be difficult for fans to forgive him and even harder for them to forget.

What Goodell should do is just grin and take it. It truly was not a good year for the beleaguered commish to have the Super Bowl played in New Orleans. And it won't be an easy week for him, but that goes with the territory.

Tiger ready to win a major?

Tiger Woods won Torrey Pines this weekend. What else is new -- it was his eighth win at the San Diego course. He looks lean and strong and poised to have a big year, and this could be the time he gets the majors train going.

Reportedly, he has been seeing pro skier Lindsey Vonn, so maybe his personal life is in order, too.

But tournaments like Torrey Pines are a dime a dozen. It's about the majors.

Stay tuned.

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