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Article posted: 1/24/2013 5:00 AM

Stop indulging illegal immigrants

So now we are gift wrapping a driver's license for illegal immigrants. Not that this is the first time this question was asked, but doesn't illegal still mean against the law?

Let's consider the following points. These people are here against the law, and the argument for passing this is because without a license they are unable to buy car insurance and are causing so much property and injury damage that insurance would protect the rest of us. Come on. First, if they actually have insurance and have all these damage claims, wouldn't my insurance premium increase to cover the insurance companies' losses? Second, what if they have insurance in place to obtain a three-year license and drop their insurance before expiration of the license? How does that change anything?

The only way this should have passed is with a clause that states if they are issued one of these gift licenses and are caught driving without current insurance they are deported immediately back to their country, no questions asked. Honestly, when will we stop bending backward for people who are here against the law?

What is next, gay marriage rights? Oh I forgot, that is about to be shoved at us too. Good job lawmakers, waste more time and money on useless garbage bills and laws and just continue to ignore things important like gun control laws. When will we wake up to common sense?

Jim R. Skowron

Elk Grove Village

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