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Article posted: 1/22/2013 5:00 AM

A rebuttal to senator's comments on guns

I would like to make a few points of rebuttal to Sen. Dick Durbin's remarks at Elgin Community College, covered by the Daily Herald on Jan. 12.

First: AR15's (civilian semiautomatic rifles) are used in sport competition nationwide. Yes, even here in Illinois.

Second: AR15's are used by varmint hunters nationally. Yes, even here in Illinois.

Third: Five-shot rifles were issued to troops at the beginning of World War II. However, our servicemen grabbed semiautomatic M1 Garands and 15 shot M1 Carbines the first chance they got. This of course was in addition to the machine guns issued.

Fourth: I wonder if the guys who guard our politicians are going to just carry "six shooters," since large magazines are too dangerous for citizens to have. Maybe we should ask those NYC bystanders (eight) who were wounded by the police when the police engaged a bad guy on a sidewalk.

Fifth: Since the senator is leery of Congress making the right decisions on firearms and supports President Obama making executive decisions, why have a Congress? One individual who knows what is best for all? I don't like it!

Sen. Durbin, since you do not trust law-abiding citizens with firearms, why should they trust you?

Jon Mazur


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