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posted: 1/9/2013 5:00 AM

Assault on values drives culture of violence

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Talk about timing! On Christmas Day, the ultimate day of peace and hope for 1.5 billion Christians, the Daily Herald featured its movie critic Dann Gire singing the praises of the unholy, sick and violent film "Django Unchained."

In his own words, Gire tells your readers that Django features "graphic killings, torture, racism, and anachronistic rap tunes" and goes on to say it contains "insanely huge blood squibs."

After the tragedy in Connecticut, one would think that maybe Gire would challenge this violence and denounce it. Nope, Gire says that "Django ranks as one of 2012's freshest treats."

This may be the best example I have seen of the Freak Show Media's assault on traditional American values and its contribution to "The Culture of Violence in America" that killed those innocent children in Connecticut. It is the perfect illustration of the hypocrisy of Hollywood that attacks 99.9 percent of peaceful gun owners that harm nobody while personally making millions of dollars making horrific movies that pollute our children and teenagers with cruel violence that is turning them into violent zombies.

Jamie Fox, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Samuel Jackson constantly attack traditional American values while they make millions in Django promoting horrible and gratuitous violence. Jamie Foxx even joked about how "great" it was "to kill white folks" in Django. Can you imagine a white actor saying the same thing about killing "black folks" in a movie?

The destructive hypocrisy of the "Freak Show Media" and Hollywood is beyond comprehension. Randy Rossi


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