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posted: 1/8/2013 4:40 AM

Ask movie backers to clean up act

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Ask movie backers to clean up act

President Obama now wants to get serious about gun control. He has had four years to outlaw the assault weapons.

His staunchest supporters, the movie makers from the left coast, still talk about gun control and peace. Yet, these are the same people who produce movies highlighting murders, rapes, beatings, and speeding and pyrotechnics that no one will ever see in real life.

Maybe I am showing my age but when I got into a fight in school one of the two participants said, "I give" and it was over. No kicking or extra punching, it was over.

Today in the movies our peace loving producers and directors would show that same fight scene with the loser being constantly kicked and beaten with something similar to a ball bat or chains or a two by four.

Before he sends Biden on another goose chase let him pick up his phone and call his $56,000-a-plate supporters in the movie industry and talk to them about cleaning up their act.

Charles Brown


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