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posted: 1/7/2013 5:00 AM

Anti-Obama stickers show who's not to blame

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After an election you see political signs come down and eventually bumper stickers removed. I've decided to leave my "NOBAMA" and Romney stickers on my car. I want to assure everyone I didn't vote for their guy. Republicans should have won.

In four years, all the president gave us was Obama Care, Obama phones, poorly administered multibillion dollar "stimulus packages", an economy with double digit unemployment, 23 million individuals out of work and 4 million more needing food stamps.

Election night my worst nightmare happened, four more years of Obama. Obama's promise of "Hope and Change" didn't work. What will his "FORWARD" promise give us?

"FORWARD" with unemployment greater than 23 million? "FORWARD" with graduates and young minorities still suffering from 50% unemployment? "FORWARD" adding 4 trillion more to our Nations debt? What about my grandchildren?

What will they have to look "FORWARD" to?

Obama supporters assured me things would be different. Obama will be interested in preserving his "legacy." From the beginning, Obama's behavior has made me believe he wants to change our society and government -- one that lasted 220 plus years. He wants people more dependent on government.

His legacy requires wealth redistribution, not wealth expansion. He encourages class and political warfare. "Tax the rich". "Vote for revenge". "Build the middle class". Making the less fortunate addicted to government and its welfare state of entitlements.

I'm trying to figure out how Obama Care is going to add 20 million people to the insurance rolls without adding one doctor. Maybe King Barack can give us the answer.

I'll need to attach an addendum of "I told you so" to my "NOBAMA" bumper sticker. Actually, I find no solace in saying "I told you so." Perhaps "Don't blame me" will work.

Ted Zukowski


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