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posted: 1/4/2013 4:42 AM

Delay publication of assailants' names

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Delay publication of assailants' names

I don't own a gun, my choice. Being raised in a rural area, guns were second nature to me, I just decided when I started a family I didn't want guns in the house, Once again, my choice.

With that being said, I firmly believe that games, not guns, foment the violence in our society. What passes for entertainment in this country, be it the big screen or video games in one's living room border on the obscene. Video games are the most violent, points and kills become synonymous. After hours of playing these games, is it any wonder how reality can be blurred especially if an individual is not balanced?

A common thread I've noticed in these mass killings is the clothes they wear. They're not committing these atrocities in T-shirt and jeans, shorts and flip-flops. They are role playing and are taking great care to dress themselves in garb that reflects their heroes. Unfortunately their heroes no longer wear white hats.

There's another school of thought that the perpetrators of these heinous acts are striving for fame by being the top story in a 24 hour news cycle. I do not agree, but if it were the case, why not create legislation that would not allow the assailant's name to be published until he's buried or his trial starts?

Steve Moore


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