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Article posted: 12/26/2012 5:00 AM

'Gun Gods' demand daily sacrifices

Can I have an Amen to the two Gun Gods of the almighty Church of the NRA: The Gun Gods that demand that we have daily sacrifices of mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters so we can worship and sing the praises of their firing rate, muzzle velocity and magazine capacity.

The Gun Gods known as Automatic Weapon and his more demanding brother Semiautomatic Weapon. These Gods demand these sacrifices because that is the only reason why they exist. They don't exist to hunt elk, deer, duck or geese; no, they only exist to murder our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers.

These two Gods that don't acknowledge the existence of two simple words, the second and third words of the Second Amendment "well regulated" for they fear that if these two simple words were acknowledged then everyone would ignore their existence and they would fade away.

But never fear, this will never happen since most other fellow churches at the minimum keep silent and ignore them and at other time sing their praise.

Jerry Loftis


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