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posted: 12/26/2012 5:00 AM

Those here illegally shouldn't be driving

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I cannot standby any longer and keep silent about the state of Illinois' proposal to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. When I was learning to drive I was told that driving was a privilege, not a right, and when you are here illegally you don't have any rights whatsoever.

If the Lake County sheriff doesn't want to deal with the situation of picking up illegals after being caught driving with no license or insurance, he should call Immigration, Customs and Enforcement, better known as ICE. When these people are driving with no license or insurance, they are committing a crime and should be deported.

Sheriff, do you really think if you give these people licenses that they are going to buy insurance? Get real. How will they pay for insurance? If they are working, they are doing so illegally, probably by using someone else's Social Security number to get a job. Anyone caught using someone else's Social Security number should be charged with a Federal crime.

My grandparents came here legally; they had to wait their turn. At that time there were quotas of how many could come from each country every year. They also had to be sponsored, which means someone had to sign an agreement to be financially responsible for whoever came over for the next five years, and they had to have a job waiting for them.

Also, there should be an amendment to Constitution stating that if you are born in this country one parent must have to be a citizen in order for that child to be a citizen. If you check with other countries you will find that is what they do. Let's stop coddling these people and giving them rights they do not deserve. Arizona, here I come!

Judith Richter

Arlington Heights

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