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posted: 12/23/2012 6:15 AM

Buddy's felines are caroling for a forever home

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  • Honey

    Courtesy of The Buddy Foundation

  • Sammie

    Courtesy of The Buddy Foundation

  • Snickerdoodle

    Courtesy of The Buddy Foundation

By Mary Hayashi

Can you imagine how a feline feels, losing the only home it has ever known just weeks before Christmas?

How sad to be thrown out the door because you are too much trouble during this busy holiday season.

The Buddy Foundation has many felines that are going to have a blue Christmas. Some have been left at Buddy's doorstep or an animal hospital, barely with a note that might tell us their names.

The manner of delivery leaves much to the imagination of what their original home life was like.

We have found felines tied to the trees and left in carriers to suffer in the cold night until a Buddy Foundation volunteer arrives to intake them.

Buddy has had several felines left with us that did not even arrive in a carrier. They were thoughtlessly thrown over our fence, in the middle of the night, into the doggy play area. Thankfully, they were too scared to jump back over the fence. Instead, they cowered in the corner of the yard, not knowing what fate would have in store for them.

Buddy's building offers them a safe warm place to live, but they deserve the warm kindness of a forever home. That's why we decorated the building so brightly for the holidays. For now, we are the only bright hope they have for a home. Buddy's felines are caroling for a home for the holidays.

If your holidays have been extremely busy, the week between Christmas and New Year's might be a calmer time to add a new family member. The presents, bows and wrapping paper are gone and the decorations indoors will not be up much longer to be attractive mischief.

It's not a good idea to give a feline or kitten to someone as a present. The person who will be responsible for the pet, should be the person that chooses the pet. You can always follow through on the gesture by paying the adoption fee after the pet is picked. The Buddy Foundation will only adopt to the person who is the intended recipient. We will not do third party adoptions. That is the fastest way to create an environment for a failed adoption.

Featured felines:

Todays Featured Felines have their own sad tale of abandonment just week before the holidays. Thankfully they are not over traumatized from the loss of their homes. They are merely a little shy, as though they cannot figure out why they are suddenly in Buddy's care.

Sammie and Honey: These Lynx-point, blue-eyed Siamese mixes are almost twins. You can tell them apart only with scrutiny and study. Both of these girls are blue-to lillac-pointed with subtle differences in color shades and markings.

Sammie and Honey are 11-month-old siblings. Both are four-paw declawed by their previous owners. It is rare for an animal shelter, that is not a specific pedigree rescue to have such exotic looking felines. All of Sammie and Honey's things were also left behind at the animal shelter, including a cat tree. That alone, makes their abandonment a cruel statement of finality.

We would like to adopt Sammie and Honey as a pair since they have always lived together and enjoy each other's company. Two Siamese are less apt to be naughty, since they have each other.

Sinckerdoodle was named after a very sweet, special Christmas cookie. We decided that there had to be a little joy in her name to give her a new start and leave behind the stark way she was abandoned. She was knotted up in a dirty bed sheet with a note that said, "I am too much trouble for my owner to care for with my long fur and I am too old to go to a veterinarian because I have never had any shots."

In reality, she had never been to a vet, her fur was difficult to care for, since she had never been combed and her fur was full of snarls.

Snickerdoodle has been to the groomer and received a lion cut. She just so happens to be a blue Himalayan, with blue eyes naturally. Did you know that the exotic Himmy is a result of a Persian and siamese cat pairing? This beauty is calm and gentle, front paw declawed and a mere six pounds.

• You can reach The Buddy Foundation at 65 W. Seegers Road, Arlington Heights, by calling (847) 290-5806 or visit