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posted: 12/18/2012 4:49 AM

Nation headed for a communist system

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Nation headed for a communist system

Our president is a redistributionist, a euphemistic term for a Marxist. Given Obama's lifelong friendships with Marxist colleagues, teachers and his minister, it seems one would not insult him in the least by saying that he embraces this political ideology. So, what's wrong with Marxism?

The early Christian church attempted to live communally but the plan was a dismal failure resulting in the death of two disciples who tried to scam the system. The Pilgrims also tried a communal system in 1620 and nearly all starved by 1623 because some people worked diligently while others were rewarded for indolence.

Communism, perhaps theoretically a reasonable and just theory of equality and community, always leads to corruption from those who rule. The 20th century saw more than 300 million killed by Marxist dictators like Stalin. A visit to Russia today will show the results of this deadly political system on a once great nation.

Furthermore, Marxism leads to the leveling of society bringing all to the lowest common denominator. There is no incentive for hard work since success is punished (redistributed) through taxation. Eventually Marxist states collapse from within but not until they have done irreparable damage.

Communism breeds an elite bureaucracy that functions dictatorially and rules apart from its own laws. How interesting, for example, that the president and Congress are not subject to Obamacare. The quip in Orwell's 1945 book, "Animal Farm," concerning the brutal tyranny of communism is too close for comfort: "All are equal, but some are more equal than others."

It appears that our nation is headed for some form of communism. I pray that I am wrong but given the uninformed American electorate and the barrage from leftist media feeding the misinformation, I fear I am correct.

Terry Schwartz


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