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posted: 12/14/2012 5:00 AM

Walsh selling a lie about lower taxes

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After reading Burt Constable's article on Joe Walsh and his "fight to lower taxes," I had to stop and think just how ignorant and self-serving this man really is. Let's think about this, Joe Walsh said he does not want to extend the Bush tax cuts, he actually wants to cut them even more. What a senseless and ignorant idea, not to mention it does not address the national deficit. Joe has forgotten that he voted for this current fiscal cliff legislation that Speaker John Boehner and the president are negotiating. If a deal is not reached then everyone's taxes will go up on Jan. 1.

Joe voted for this law. Now, the only taxes the president wants to raise are those for incomes earners at the top 2 percent. He wants to cut everyone's else's tax rate. The Senate already passed a bill that says this. Did Joe Walsh say he would vote for this? No. I trust Burt Constable would report if Joe said he was in support of this bill. Did Burt report on this? No.

So Joe will keep fighting to lower taxes. But whose taxes? There is no one left but the top 2 percent. This is the big lie Joe is selling and some people buy. But, also this is why Joe Walsh lost his re-election bid, and why the Tea Party needs to be run out of Congress. They don't care about the people who vote, they only care about themselves and the big donors that give them money.

The 175 people who cheered Joe Walsh better be ready to pay a little more next year, for Joe Walsh wants to make sure your taxes will go up if the top 2 percent doesn't go down.

Steven Thompson

Arlington Heights

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