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posted: 12/7/2012 4:07 AM

Representing Grover Norquist or me?

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Representing Grover Norquist or me?

I am a resident of the 6th congressional district. My taxes are going up because Peter Roskam has said he won't vote for higher taxes which means he would rather protect the Koch Brothers, Trump, Limbaugh, Buffet, Gates, etc. from contributing more revenue even if it means the other 98 percent of us suffer through increased taxes.

He would protect hedge fund managers that make a billion dollars a year from contributing any additional taxes rather than helping my family.

People like me are the "demand" factor that drives the economy. Our ability to pay for goods and services is the engine that makes the economy grow. Small business Saturday will go well again if people like me can keep an extra $2,000 instead of paying it up to taxes.

Wealthy people have had the lowest (unpaid for) tax rates in 50 years and those low tax rates have failed to create any type of a booming economy over the last 4 years. "Lower taxes for wealthy 'job creators' (Is that class warfare?) will create jobs" is a myth. History has proved it. All it has done is added to the deficit.

Let Peter Roskam know he needs to vote for the continuation of the current tax rates for 98 percent of the country instead of holding them hostage. He can participate in the negotiations on the other 2 percent and necessary deficit reduction if he wants but he has the ability to keep my taxes lower right now. That is unless he represents Grover Norquist instead of a person living in his own district.

Michael J. Mason


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