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posted: 12/7/2012 5:00 AM

Benghazi questions deserve comment

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In response to the letter on Nov. 17, in which the writer criticizes the Daily Herald for printing another Fence Post letter that was, as he states " ... another letter that was devoid of truth about the situation" regarding the attack on Benghazi, let's set the record straight.

The "Cries for help from embassy ignored" was in reference to the numerous requests by embassy personnel for additional security, weeks before the attack, not after the attack. The British closed their embassy and left the region and the Red Cross closed their office, because they both viewed the situation around Benghazi to be very dangerous.

The various U.S. government agencies who were in charge of protecting our embassy thought it was sufficient to let Libyan militia assist in guarding our embassy. The writer states that it took only 25 minutes to respond to the attack. But reports released by the Pentagon said that it took 19 hours for military assistance to arrive in Tripoli after the attack.

Sending in help after the attack began did no good. Help should have been there before the attack, as was requested and ignored.

If this writer thinks it was shameful for the Daily Herald to print the Nov. 13 letter criticizing the various U.S. government agencies, I ask why? The Daily Herald printed his letter.

Ed Kabot

Vernon Hills

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