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Article updated: 12/20/2012 11:44 AM

We're like slaves to our government

One hundred fifty years ago a war was fought to end slavery. What has happened since then? Our nation is slowly turning into a slave state. How, you ask?

The plantation owner is big government and we are its slaves. No matter how hard we work, we will never earn our freedom. We as individuals let the government run our lives. If tragedy strikes, we go to the government. If your business fails, it's your fallback. If things go wrong, get in front of a camera, there will be a government official there to comfort you.

We have day care and soon we will have Obamacare. Our government tells us what car to drive, how much Coke to drink and what foods to eat. This was once a nation of individualism with strong minds and bodies. It has now become a nation of old, weak and lazy people. Their mantra is "What's in it for me?" As the news agencies are reporting, our plantation is now becoming a wasteland. Its riches are becoming harder to reap. It's amazing that our people will go to the ends of the earth to defend other people's freedom, but will not defend our own freedom here at home.

Ask yourself what is the difference between slavery and our government's policies?

Robert Vlazny

Hoffman Estates

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