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Article posted: 12/5/2012 4:10 AM

U.S., stop nosing in others' business

U.S., stop nosing in others' business

Many of our Republican leaning talking heads claim our country is an entitlement state. And to some extent we are, but they need to quit lumping in Social Security with welfare programs. Us seniors paid for our Social Security throughout our working lives. If our government squandered that money away on other things that is not our fault.

The real problem is our zeal to stick our noses in everybody else's business and then we make the situation even worse by creating more enemies. Our military is totally out of control.

Our naval personnel getting into a bar brawl in some Russian seaport. Generals having affairs with married women. We have approximately 40 generals in Europe alone.

These drone attacks killing innocent civilians. We have more military hardware than the other top dozen countries in the world combined.

Do we really need thousands of troops in Japan and Germany -- World War II has been over for 67 years.

Don't cut Medicare -- cut the military budget.

Ted Pacut


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