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Article posted: 11/16/2012 4:40 AM

Bullying is alive and well

Imagine being a kid and having someone your age tell you, every day, what they perceive to be wrong with you. That you are worthless. That was happening to my daughter, along with a few vulgar names. last year in school. Bernotas Middle School did nothing to stop it. Now imagine it in high school. Only this time it's not just this one kid, it is him and a group that he is the "leader" of. Snickering, name calling, being talked about to anyone who will listen, and once again being told you are worthless.

Crystal Lake Central High School's response? Have my daughter go out a different door at the end of the day. All kids involved sign a no contact contract. That's it.

The police? Ha! What a joke! Both have told me that unless something physically happens, there is nothing more they can do. Really? So my husband and I have to sit here, and watch as our daughter becomes more withdrawn while this group continues on their merry way?

Bullying is bullying, whether it is physical or mental. Will someone please tell us how to get this stopped before something tragic happens?

Heather Pearson

Crystal Lake

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