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Article posted: 11/15/2012 4:40 AM

Reduced to looking for handouts

Reduced to looking for handouts

The moral fabric of this great country has been compromised by re-electing President Obama.

You, that voted for a man that never passed a budget, put us $6 trillion further in debt with unemployment higher than when taking office, covering up about Libya, Fast & Furious, foreign policies falling apart, failed the women with 250,000 less working today than when he took office, does not have a clue how to create jobs, has decimated the middle class the past four years (those are Joe Biden words), stopped the Keystone Pipeline that would definitely kick start this economy, had our credit rating reduced, and the list goes on ... gets re-elected.

Oh wait, but he is for gay marriage, giving free contraceptives to women, free cellphones, free Obama money, free government money to 15 million more food stamp recipients, free health care (so the naive think so), keeping illegals in the country, giving billions of our dollars to his friends "Green Companies" (and losing our money), giving unions a pass on Obamacare, and the list goes on.

Then, Obama and his lemmings want us to believe he was re-elected on policies. No, we have been reduced to people looking for handouts, wanting more, but working less, social issues becoming more important than our economy and jobs, and quite frankly, accepting failure as you did in this president.

If it was not so sad, it would be funny.

The ultimate dumb down of the USA happened this past election.

Carl Palash

Carol Stream

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