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Article posted: 11/14/2012 5:00 AM

Work for the people, not for a party

The Republicans have now lost the last two presidential elections, and their congressional leaders, like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, have lost in their stated goal of making President Obama a one-term president. Now it's time to finally begin doing the work that should have started four years ago, and begin to represent the people of this country to solve the problems that face all Americans.

It's time for Boehner to stop using the words "non-starter," as he did just after the election was called for the president, when discussing taxes and other important issues. It's time for all Republicans who signed those ridiculous pledges of no new taxes to pledge their allegiance to the American people, not to the Tea Party. And it's time for all Republican voters to call and send emails and letters to their Republican representatives, and let them know that the good of the whole country comes before partisan politics, and get to work to compromise on the issues the country faces, and find real solutions to our problems.

And if they can't do that, they should take the flag pins off their lapels, as they are not patriots, and then resign their offices and get out of the way of those representatives who want to work for a better America.

And to the Democratic voters, it's also a good idea to write to your representatives and remind them that they too have an obligation to the country to put the best interests of all Americans before their party. Every member of Congress needs to get to work, and every voter needs to remain vigilant to make sure they do.

Ken Glassman

Arlington Heights

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