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posted: 11/10/2012 4:10 AM

In the end, nothing has changed

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Well, we might ask, "What happened for the country Tuesday night?"

In my opinion, not a thing. I was expecting better.

We begin the next four years with basically the same House, the same Senate, the same president and no changes to the gang of czars or the Cabinet.

We can now expect the full effect of: 1) The Affordable Care Act that nobody fully understands; 2) a big tax increase through cancellation of the Bush tax cuts; 3) a continued war on coal and traditional energy sources while promoting windmills; 4) a continuation of slow job growth and unemployment; 5) continued loss of prosperity for the middle class from inflation, expected tax increases and lost or reduced income for so many; 6) increased numbers of people falling below the poverty level; 7) a possible second recession if the feds do not address the tax changes and "sequestration" nonsense now scheduled to take effect Jan. 1; 8) continued federal deficits running at a trillion a year.

With apologies for a little sarcasm, I want to thank my grandchildren for assuming responsibility of our continually increasing national debt, heading toward $20 trillion in four years.

Democrats understand that people love government handouts -- and that gets a lot of votes. Is that how we want to advance democracy?

Sadly, I believe a very decent, hardworking, competent person and a more promising candidate for president lost Tuesday night.

Peter Wohld

Glen Ellyn

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