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updated: 11/6/2012 6:49 PM

What Illinois voters are saying on Election Day

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  • Voters pack the polling place at First Christian Church, 1826 16th Street in Moline, Ill. on Tuesday Nov. 6, 2012.

    Voters pack the polling place at First Christian Church, 1826 16th Street in Moline, Ill. on Tuesday Nov. 6, 2012.
    Associated Press

By Associated Press

A selection of voter reactions as Illinoisans went to the polls Tuesday.

"I haven't had a raise in two years because of Obama's anti-business policies." -- Ken Keller, 61, of Schaumburg, an engineer who voted for Republican Mitt Romney.

"The economy is important, but I believe that a candidate's social views and his or her character are of the utmost importance in this election." -- Shelia Gummerson, 59, of Schaumburg, a retired teacher who voted for President Barack Obama.

"Obviously all of these issues are so complicated and very important to our country, but I just feel like overall Romney's ticket was a little better with where I think we need to go, but I also have to admit that overall President Obama has done a decent job, and I wouldn't be devastated to have him continue as our president either." -- Evan Armington, 30, a Springfield doctor who voted for Romney.

"I'm shocked that a sitting president would come out and say he supports gay marriage. I was hoping he was going that way ... He never ceases to amaze me." -- Linda Sherwood, 50, a house remodeler from Springfield who voted for Obama.

"The last four years haven't gone the way Obama said they would. I don't think the health care plan's a good idea. He says it's not a tax, which everybody pretty much knows it is." -- Aaron Holleman, 38, a store manager from Mahomet who voted for Romney.

"The president had his chance, and he screwed it up. It is time to get a Republican back and fix this country." -- Barb Lynn, 38, of Hoffman Estates, a dental hygienist who voted for Romney.

"Anyone who thinks that in four years we could have solved all the problems we inherited is deluding themselves. I do think we're moving in the right direction." -- Timothy Rowe, 23, of Chicago, a hospital research coordinator who voted for Obama.

"Obama's a fine gentleman but he hasn't been effective. All of this is a management issue." -- Charles Hoffman, 60, a Winnetka businessman who voted for Romney.

"The middle class is most important right now, in this election. Obama knows what is right for the middle class. Romney is just looking to get rich." -- Terry Mills, 37, of Hoffman Estates, a wire transfer clerk who voted for Obama.

"I don't want to ignore the concern of health care in this country, but I feel like Obamacare is creating undue pressure." -- Scott Brown, 46, a Champaign business owner who voted for Romney.

"I'm really just concerned about taxing and health care. I was raised to believe that if you have more you should be taxed more." Erika Miner, 34, of Champaign, a stay at home mother of three who voted for Obama.

"I think that he (Obama) loosened the requirements where people that really don't need it are receiving assistance and that takes away incentive to get out and make a good life for yourself." Tim Kelly, 56, a Springfield software developer who voted for Romney.

"I'm Obama, all the way. ... He supports the poor and working class better than anyone I've seen in a long time." -- John Taylor, 67, of Chicago, a policy adviser for the Catholic church.

"He did a really good job with the military. He made a lot of families happy," said 63-year-old Marine veteran and Wallace Thomas of Chicago, referring to Obama's ending the war in Iraq and drawing down troops in Afghanistan.

"Nobody is the messiah come to Earth and I felt people were bound to be disappointed. So when I voted for him in `08 it was not with starry eyes," said Gail Dreyfuss, 66, a retired linguistics professor who voted for Obama.

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