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posted: 11/2/2012 4:00 AM

There's nothing ugly about winning games

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  • The Bulls struggled to put away the Sacramento Kings in Wednesday's season opener, but they still won the game and there's nothing ugly about a win, says Mike North.

    The Bulls struggled to put away the Sacramento Kings in Wednesday's season opener, but they still won the game and there's nothing ugly about a win, says Mike North.
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The Chicago Bulls will have a very good year, but won't be able to take home a championship.

When they beat the Sacramento Kings in Wednesday's opener, they did what was expected, but after the game we heard the term ugly used in reference to their NBA win.

There is nothing ugly about winning, but now you apparently have to look good doing it, according to some people.

If the Bulls can win over 50 games, and catch a break here and there, well who knows? If Derrick Rose hadn't been hurt, I believe the Bulls could have beaten anybody and very possibly been on their way to a championship, but we will never know.

The NBA season is a long one, and Bulls fans found out what an injury like Rose's could do to a team. LeBron James missed most of the second half of the Miami Heats season opener against the Celtics because of cramps, but the Heat had a good enough supporting cast to get the job done.

The Bulls have championship caliber players, and will play tough defense resulting in what some will call ugly wins. Let's just wait and see how the season unfolds.

One thing for sure, though, is that if Miami returns to the Finals they will earn it, and might have to play the Bulls to get there.

Garnett's snub

Ray Allen left the Boston Celtics and went to the arch rival -- the Miami Heat. Before the season opener versus the Celtics on Tuesday, Allen went over to the Celtics bench to give a shout out to his ex-teammates. He attempted to say hi and good luck to Kevin Garnett, but Garnett ignored him.

I loved it. To Celtic fans, Allen did the unthinkable with his move to the Heat. Allen went up to Garnett in a very public way by walking over before the game started. Garnett said get lost, and I sat there with a smile.

In a world of hugs and high fives and political correctness, whether you liked what Garnet did or not, Allen was out of line. Say hello or goodbye after the game. Allen wanted to be the good guy, and act above it all, but he ended up being the guy who made it worse by being the martyr.

I think it backfired. Allen is a heck of a pro, but Garnett is a fierce competitor and it was a breath of fresh air to see him give Allen the brushoff.


Belated condolences to Brian Hanley and his family on the death of his beloved mother, Suzanne Hanley. Brian is a really good guy and a fellow dog lover. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

NFL picks:

Last week I went 1-1. My record is 10-9-1 on the season. I had Pittsburgh (-5), and lost my Dallas pick.

This week, I say take Miami (-2) over Indianapolis as Andrew Luck's luck runs out. I also like Detroit (-3) against Jacksonville. Here comes the Motor City.

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