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posted: 11/2/2012 5:00 AM

Libya failure proves Obama incompetence

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How tragic that the four Americans in The American Embassy in Libya had to lose their lives because of the incompetence of the current president and his administration. I heard the father of one of the victims on "America Live" with Megan Kelly and it wasn't difficult to understand his feelings and why he spoke out.

Megan Kelly had to control herself so she wouldn't start crying. How sad that this great nations has such low-quality leadership that doesn't have the guts to call the shots to do what wasa necessary to save the lives of the four Americans who were killed.

On Sept. 17, 1970, I met President Nixon and his wife in Chicago on the campaign trail. I felt honored. However, later in his presidancy he was forced to resign due to poor judgement. I liked President Clinton, but soon after he became president and his poorly chosen behavior in the Oval Office with a young woman, he should also have been asked to resign. Unbelievable, but factual.

Barak Obama should also be forced to resign due to his poor leadership and indefensible lying about what happened in Libya.

I would like to advise all hardcore Democrats to vote for Mitt Romney and not just their party. I'm a grandmother and in all my adult life, have I never seen such a "dirty, smear" campaign as this one.

Bjorg Davis


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