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updated: 11/5/2012 10:23 AM

Romney endorsement disappointing

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It is with profound disappointment that I read the Daily Herald's endorsement of Governor Romney for president. In so doing the Herald has endorsed the standard-bearer of a party that has succumbed to the grip of a radical, ideological group that, among other things, has seen a majority of it GOP congressional members pledge allegiance, not to the constitution as is set forth in their oath of office, but rather to Grover Nordquest, an unelected ideologue whose sole mantra is "no new taxes" under any circumstances.

This is a party that presided over the initiating of two unfunded wars while simultaneously cutting taxes and is so doing drove the nation's economy, indeed the world to the brink of financial disaster not seen since the Great Depression. This is a party who has, rather than sharing in the nation's governance, pledged on the very night of President Obama's election, to limit him to one term as their supreme goal.

The Herald has endorsed a candidate who refuses to release his tax returns, who acknowledges having offshore bank accounts, who touts his business acumen, which upon inspection is nothing more than making money with leveraged debt, the classic hallmark of a classic arbitrager.

Just a few miles from Arlington Heights is Freeport, Ill., the home of Sensata Inc., but not for long. As we know Bain bought the company and is shipping the company, literally part by part, to China along with all the jobs. This in spite of record earnings of $500 million last year.

I find it amazing that the Herald's editorial board, which by definition is in the news/analysis business, apparently accepts candidate Romney's plan for a 20 percent tax cut, increased defense spending while promising to tame the deficit by eliminating as yet unspecified deductions. The Daily Herald's motto is to "Fear God, tell the truth and make money." I suggest the paper live by its motto, not just print it.

Fred Arenas

Arlington Heights

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