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posted: 10/31/2012 4:40 AM

Romney would set back women's rights

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I see that your paper has chosen to support Mr. Romney for president. The man you have chosen has been rejected by none other than the Salt Lake City Tribune of Salt Lake City, Utah. Their comment simply is that President Obama deserves a second term while Mr. Romney "Simply does not deserve a first" term.

The Salt Lake Tribune seems to think Mr. Romney is duplicitous, untrustworthy, devious and undeserving of a seat in the Oval Office.

In the same vein, the state of Massachusetts also finds Mr. Romney untrustworthy, and the state of Michigan certainly does not think he has the "Interests of the average citizen of the United States at heart."

So I ask, why did you endorse Mitt Romney? And the answer is that both your paper and Mr. Romney care more about money than you care about the good of the country.

A person like Mr. Romney, immersed in the glow of greed, power and money, has no time to contemplate the needs of the less fortunate.

If Romney becomes president, women's rights will be set back 50 years and the entire public school system in America will be privatized, leading do a new form of segregation and hearkening us back to the 1860s.

Women of America, beware!

Ceil Hackman


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