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posted: 10/31/2012 4:00 AM

Truth about Romney was concealed

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Your endorsement of Mitt Romney is troublesome. I can't decide if you've just failed to do your homework of if you have willingly chosen to misrepresent the qualifications of your chosen candidate. Mitt Romney is not the "successful" businessman or the effective governor that he, and The Daily Herald, claims to be. When he began his term as governor of Massachusetts the state was 36th (out of 50) in job growth. When he left the governor's office, the state was 47th in job growth. Not only did Massachusetts lose 40,000 manufacturing jobs during his term but Romney outsourced state jobs to India.

To your, "He can work across the aisle" remark; Romney believed the legislature should be his rubber stamp and was disliked by both parties in the legislature. He issued 800 vetoes in his one term, 707 of which were overturned. He left office with a 59 percent disapproval rating.

As a businessman, Romney bought and destroyed American companies. Bain Capital was a pioneer in off-shoring American jobs to China. This is how he made his millions. His business never created anything, let alone jobs.

The Daily Herald's complicity in shrouding Romney's predatory business practices and concealing from your readers the reality of his troublesome term as governor is shameful and embarrassing. I suspect that many of your readers do not know about Romney's true history. It was your job to enlighten and you chose not to. Some of your readers, when faced with the facts, will choose to ignore them anyway. I am not one of those readers, however. I prefer the truth.

Gail Fischer

Arlington Heights

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