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posted: 10/31/2012 4:00 AM

Which Mitt would show up at White House?

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What a disappointment when I opened the Sunday paper to read that you chose to endorse Mitt Romney. By your own statement, you have admitted that President Obama has made significant achievements -- getting rid of Osama bin Laden and ending the Iraq War are among those significant accomplishments. He did this in spite of Republican obstructionism.

More offensive is your disappointment that President Obama has made reference to the fact that wealthy Americans refuse to pay their fair share. The rich have lower rates (capital gains) and bigger loopholes. That is divisive! We're talking about 1 or 2 percent versus 98 percent. The rich are often referred to as the job creators -- not necessarily so. The middle class also creates jobs as we are the people who buy the products. If no one can afford the products, who needs production?

Romney has not proved he's successful in all walks of life. He was born a rich man and made money off the money he already had. Many jobs were lost, not created, while Romney made money (Check what's going on in Freeport). No, we don't have to settle for gasoline at $4, high unemployment, etc., but remember who got us there -- it was eight years of conservative rule.

And then there's the big question about which Mitt Romney will show up at the White House should he win. There are so many tapes of the "severely conservative Mitt," "liberal Mitt," and the guy who, in the first debate, morphed into "moderate Mitt," contradicting himself on almost every issue.

If you get your wish, goodbye to Roe v. Wade, affordable health care, fair taxes, progress on women's issues and so on. I am proud to have voted for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

JoAnn Weitzenfeld

Arlington Heights

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