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posted: 10/31/2012 10:43 AM

Endorsement ignored paper's reporting

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You have not given President Obama enough credit for all he has accomplished under the circumstances he inherited. Do you read your own paper?

One article showed the job losses under Bush and the increases under Obama. How can Romney "love" America while keeping his money in foreign banks and refusing to show his tax records? Someone who claims 47 percent of our citizens are "takers" and not worth consideration.

We should not support a con man who claims, but does not explain how he can "create" jobs while destroying and exporting many overseas, i.e. Sensenata of Freeport, Ill.

He has the same neocons on his foreign policy staff that got us into the unnecessary and costly Iraq War.

Romney's claim to crossing the aisle to cooperate as governor of Massachusetts yet vetoed 800 pieces of legislation and 750 were overridden. In his endorsement, you did not mention his support of Ryan's, Aiken's and Murdock's positions against abortion even in case of rape.

His denunciation of women's rights is offensive. How can Obama get cooperation from Republicans who espouse their goal is to make him a "one-term president." blocking every bill that would help the American people, especially the Jobs Bill that would provide immediate jobs.

How can you believe anything Romney says when he changes positions consistently to satisfy Trump the birther, Adleson the gambler, the Koch brothers, lobbyist Grover Norquist who claims, "We only want a president to sign legislation we put before him."

Romney's last lie was the moving Jeep manufacturing to China. This caused Chrysler to issue a press release to correct the lie.

We would hope an endorsement by an editorial board with a modicum of knowledge would see through the sham of the entire Romney campaign. Read your own paper and learn. Jeannine L. Brown


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