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posted: 10/31/2012 10:43 AM

Right choice but for different reasons

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I agree with your endorsement of Mitt Romney, but I get there on a different track.

When Obama was elected, he was like a breath of fresh air. He was going to change the way things were done in Washington and was going to get the parties working across the isle to move this country forward. He did just the opposite.

During his first two years, his party had control of both the House and Senate and could have put forth major immigration reform but nothing was done. Instead all his effort went to getting Obamacare jammed through Congress at a time when the country was entering the deepest recession since 1929.

Unemployment was growing to over 8 percent and although the last report was 7.8 percent, if you include all those who have dropped out of the workforce or are working part time, the number is more like 14 percent.

He did not reach out to the Republican members of Congress and even shut them out when the Republicans took control of Congress in 2010. Instead of taking a leadership role, he spends his time blaming Bush and others for all of our problems.

Although others have contributed to our problems the deficit has almost doubled under this president.

Since Obama took office he has kept most of Bush's security programs that were initiated after 9-11 and although we give him credit for killing Osama bin Laden if it were not for the Bush programs, he probably would not have been found.

We are no longer being viewed as a country with strong leadership as is evidenced by all the attacks taking place on our embassies around the world.

We need a leader with both successful business and political careers and one that can rebuild America's image in the world.

Howard Huber


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