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posted: 10/31/2012 10:43 AM

Give Obama new term, workable Congress

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Give Obama new term, workable Congress

You got it wrong. Mitt Romney has zigged and zagged concerning any plan for policy or proposal that is pro-America and has remained firm only on things that are pro-rich and anti-Obama. Obamacare was a priority while there was a Democratic congressional majority because millions of Americans were unemployed by George Bush's failed policies and lacked health care protection.

With a Republican majority being bullied by new Tea Party Congress initiatives that pledged to stop any Democratic bills and to unseat President Obama, our president has been blamed for the lack of job creation among other things, yet all the numbers give credit for shrinking unemployment rates, a growing economy and a majority of businesses doing better now than in 2009.

Any individual or family with a minimum gross income of a quarter-million dollars per year is not part of the middle class. The majority of Americans do not earn money anywhere near that amount if they are lucky enough to have employment. People earning that range of money or more have much more ability how to expend their funds and are not part of the average consumer group.

Our president does have concern for the majority as well as the poor and the well-to-do. Barack Obama deserves a Congress ready to put America first and their own agenda last so we can continue to rebuild our nation.

Denise Israel

Barrington Hills

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