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updated: 10/31/2012 10:44 AM

Endorsement is off-base, offensive

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I find your selection of Romney as our best bet for success in the next four years to be offensive and totally out of step with reality.

You have done an excellent job of wordsmithing and presenting your own timeline and interpretation of what has occurred during the Obama term.

The first option he dealt with was the economy, e.g., auto, bank, Wall Street bailout. Obama dealt with the health care issue because it has everything to do with the economy's recovery.

Obama is a smart man, but he isn't a magician. Mitch O'Connell made it quite clear Obama would be a one term president and supported the obstructionism that occurred even at the cost of the US economy and billions of dollars in foot dragging.

The Republicans have done nothing for those of us who are trying to raise a family and provide a good life for our children and grandchildren. They say they are for smaller government, but they want to legislate morality by restricting birth control.

As far as Romney is concerned, all I know is he wants to be president and that is not good enough. He has no plans other than to advantage the 1 percent and disadvantage people like the Freeport, Ill., group who have just lost their jobs to China. He has lied throughout his campaign and relies on Republican bloggers for his information.

He is less informed than I am and I want someone who can represent the U.S. in an intelligent and dignified manner. The arrogance he demonstrated during his trip abroad and during the debates tells me the whole story.

Lastly, the mark of a decent man is to stand up for what you believe no matter what the cost. Romney does not fit this profile.

Judith Washburn Koruba

Hawthorn Woods

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