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posted: 10/31/2012 12:18 PM

Disagrees with Romney endorsement

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I must respond to the reasons and logic, or lack thereof, in your endorsement of Mitt Romney. There are so many fallacies in your logic, I will not be able to address them all. I must admit that the endorsement almost sounds like a FOX or GOP talking point memo.

Firstly, you rightly noted that President Obama was elected on hope and change, which you call his "hope oratory." The fact is that he wanted to work with both sides of the aisle and restore civility in Washington. What he met was an unusual level of obstructionism by the Republican Senate bloc. A record number of filibusters in the Senate, holding unemployment benefits and middle class tax cuts hostage for a tax cut for the top 1 percent, holding the debt ceiling negotiations hostage for political purposes, and Draconian budget proposals and an attack on women from the House.

Romney's claim is that he was co-founder and CEO at Bain Capital so, therefore, he knows how to create jobs. That is not what a CEO of a private equity firm does -- create jobs. The CEO is responsible to only his investors; he maximizes their profits and his, too, no matter what it takes. It's all about the bottom line. He utilizes every tax loophole and hides his money and investments in offshore accounts to avoid paying his fair share of taxes. Is this legal? Probably so. But is it ethical? I think not. Welcome to the tax policy that Romney/Ryan supports.

Why someone would put their religious/social beliefs in front of their economic interests? It is critical that, We the People, support the national Democratic ticket this November and remove as many of the Tea Party obstructionists so Washington can start working again for us, not just the 1 percent.

David Johnson


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