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posted: 10/30/2012 5:00 AM

Don't choose apathy on Nov. 6

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Elections and voting should not be played like a game of "operator"; their outcome, desirable or less so, are extraordinarily important to our lives and welfare. One needs to do one's own due diligence and research to determine through unbiased resources and fact checking agencies the "truth" of the candidates' positions and core beliefs, not just the haze of verity surrounding a shadow of a kernel of truth.

Many of us have been redistricted. Remember the House and Senate are the bodies making the laws, not the president; every two years we have congressional elections, and we've seen the stalemate since 2010.

Our lives, health, safety, economy and potential are all dependent upon an electorate not bothering to vote for, or against. Either they are disappointed that any given politician turned out to be not extreme enough or too extreme, didn't accomplish everything on day one or accomplished something they didn't want so they're going to hold their vote as punishment -- or they don't care enough to engage in the system.

Unfortunately it appears that the vast potential electorate in this country is either willfully ignorant or just too lazy to search out the facts and make up their own minds regarding current and potential elected officials and laws. Yes, ignorant. I use the term deliberately, and I don't mean stupid. We as a people like to be fed our "facts" and opinions so we needn't bother to think for ourselves: too much time taken away from "entertainment"! The apathy of our citizens is inexcusable.

This time it's urgent; pay attention, suck it up, do your research on your new candidates; vote for something important, your country and your life! Voting is a right, a choice, a duty and a privilege. Don't choose apathy.

Ronda R. Scott-Marak


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