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posted: 10/27/2012 5:00 AM

Moderate will win in 10th District

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Throughout the entire campaigns, both presidential and district-wise, I consider myself more of a moderate. Perhaps I lean more toward the liberal side by just the smallest of margins. I base this solely on an ideology test my government teacher had us all take, which actually was not so bad.

But in response to a recent article, it's clear to say what I already knew beforehand: Robert Dold is going to win the campaign for 10th District of Congress.

Well, that's what I believe. My support goes toward Dold mostly because he seems to be the well-prepared candidate. Already he has eight times the amount of money this month than Schneider -- money that Dold can use get more name recognition out there with ads, signs and other uses before election day.

It's not really that my views are in line with Dold's that would make me vote for him, although it's extremely important. It's just that it's really obvious who's going to win this election. Not only does Dold have exceeding amounts of money, but also the incumbency effect is in his hands.

He has done the job once already and knows what he's doing; Schneider may as well throw in the towel to save him some time. I guess moderates (what Dold tends to call himself) tend to stick together.

Marlen Gomez


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